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Top 10 Best Premium WordPress Themes in 2012

With tens of millions of websites powered by WordPress, programmers are constantly innovating their themes to keep pace with the development cycles of WordPress. Responsive design and HTML5 are on the cutting edge of features, and we expect to see a heavy focus on these two options this year.
To help you navigate the world of WordPress Themes, we are pleased to present you with the our 4th annual  Best Premium WordPress Themes – this time for 2012.
Instead of creating a huge list of random themes, our 2012 Themes will be broken down by category. Throughout the year we will not only keep this list updated with the latest and greatest in the world of WP Themes, we will also add be adding new WordPress Themes several times per week. is your #1 source for WordPress Themes 2012.
For your convenience, we’ve broken down the themes on this page by categories including: Responsive, Portfolio, Magazine, Business, eCommerce, BuddyPress, Frameworks, HTML5, Real Estate, Free, and Premium.

Best Responsive WP Themes 2012

Responsive design will be the “theme” of 2012 for WordPress Themes. Providing your visitors with a single design that responds to the myriad of devices in which people can access your site (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) should be a primary focus as you search for WordPress Themes 2012.
Flexible - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2012
Flexible Theme is currently our favorite Responsive Theme of 2012. This wonderfully designed WordPress Theme is easy on the eyes, created by the one and only Elegant Themes, and a great example of responsive design in action. Perhaps our favorite feature of this fine Theme is that it is part of the entire Elegant Themes club which means you’ll get access to this plus the nearly 80 other Premium Themes from ET for just $39.
Lucid - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2012
Lucid is a high-end Magazine WordPress Theme for 2012 that is fully responsive and will engage your readers quickly. With a clean navigation, featured categories, and breadcrumb navigation – Lucid will guide visitors through your site with ease. Who would have thought you could get such a beautiful and professional responsive Theme for WordPress for about 50 cents!
Evolution - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2012
Evolution Theme is another wonderful responsive design from Elegant Themes. Keeping in line with the more traditional website layout, Evolution is everything you need in a Premium Theme for 2012 plus packed with features like the ePanel framework, a huge shortecode library, four color schemes, and more.
Modernize - Best Magazine WordPress Theme 2012
Modernize Theme was created by the ever-popular GoodLayers over at ThemeForest. With a wonderfully designed drag and drop page builder on the back end, Modernize is about as cutting edge as you can be when it comes to finding the Best of WordPress Themes in 2012. Boasting a responsive design that looks wonderful on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices — Modernize is a wonderful example of responsive technology at its best.
Aware - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2012
Aware Theme – If you are looking for a more minimal and clean layout for your Responsive Theme, Aware is one to consider. Debuting towards the beginning of 2012, this elegant example of a WordPress Theme is great for the person who thinks less is more.
Reaction - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2012
Reaction Theme is for all those Dark WordPress Theme lovers out there. In a world that seems to constantly be inundated with shades of white or light gray, Reaction is a dark colored responsive design that looks beautiful on everything. If you are looking for a dark or black WordPress Theme, this is a great choice to consider.
PixelPower - Best Responsive WordPress Theme 2012
PixelPower Theme – This great Theme was also created towards the beginning of 2012 and takes full advantage of responsive design PLUS post formats (standard, gallery, video, etc) with nifty little icons for each of the respective categories. If you are looking for a Responsive Theme that also happens to include WordPress’ post formats, give PixelPower a glance today.

Best Portfolio WP Themes 2012

Portfolio WordPress Themes are great for photographers, videographers, or anybody who needs to showcase creative work. Below you will find our favorite Portfolio and Photography WordPress Themes for 2012.
Gleam - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2012
Notebook - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2012
KingSize - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2012
Core - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2012
Photolux - Best Photography WordPress Theme 2012